Cost & Value of the StandUp Walker

Posted by Ken Paulus

StandUp Walker was launched in 2016 and already has garnered many industry and expert accolades (click here for awards).  Feedback from customers has been incredible and we are posting a series of blogs on the common questions and feedback from our customers. The first in this series addresses the price of the StandUp Walker.

StandUp Walker retails for $349. At URise Products, we get responses from “That’s all?” to “Too expensive!”

StandUp Walker overlay of up and down position

When compared to a traditional 1960s style two-button walker, the StandUp Walker is more expensive. However, a traditional walker doesn’t help the user to get up — and it is not advisable to use it to help when standing due to risk of tipping or falling. Often a family member or caretaker is the one that helps lift the person up every time they need to stand which is both inconvenient and risks injury to the the person assisting.

Those recovering from hip, knee, ankle surgery may only need stand-assistance for a few months, making the StandUp Walker a great tool to maintain independence and keep moving without purchasing a lot of extra equipment.

Why does the StandUp Walker cost $349?

The StandUp Walker was designed and is manufactured in the United States. Building a product in the U.S. does add to the cost, but it also allows for more control over the quality of the materials used and end product.  The StandUp Walker is equipped with premium grips and wheels to improve the comfort and usability. StandUp Walker is one of the few pieces of medical mobility equipment made in the U.S.A., (most are made in Asia) which is something we are very proud of. While StandUp Walker has a simple elegant design, it has many components that have to be both manufactured and then assembled which add to the cost.

For more information on the StandUp Walker, visit our FAX section at or contact  our customer care team via email at or phone at 1-844-99-URISE.

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