StandUp Walker: Keys to User Success

Posted by Ken Paulus

StandUp Walker, an innovative stand-assist device, was launched in April 2016 and the response has been extraordinary! We have spoken with so many people who either struggle themselves to stand up independently or have a family member who needs assistance in standing up safely.

Before purchasing a StandUp Walker, there are some factors to consider to ensure the consumer is able to use the stand-assist device comfortably.

What are the key factors for user success with the StandUp Walker?

An interest in using the StandUp Walker

Not everyone is comfortable using new products, and it's not different with the StandUp Walker. Be sure your loved one is actually interested in using a new piece of home care equipment first.

Ability to engage the levers/hinges

There are several scenarios where a user may not be able to live the levers simultaneously. Users with hand weakness, stroke patients or those with severe arthritis in their hands may find it too difficult to engage the levers at the same time. Additionally, those suffering from memory loss may not be able to remember how to use the levers/hinges to engage the stand-assist device.

Upper body and arm strength

The StandUp Walker is an assistive device; it does not lift someone up out of their chair. The user must have some upper body and arm strength to push themselves to standing. The user will find it easier to use over time as arm strength increases with use, but the user has to be able to push up to standing with both arms.

Once standing, the ability to balance and engage the StandUp Walker

To click the StandUp Walker into place once standing, the user must be able to balance briefly and slightly lift the device by the ball handles to click into place.

Clearance under favorite chair, recliner or couch

The StandUp Walker skis must be able to slide under the chair, couch or recliner - there has to ba couple of inches of clearance for the StandUp Walker to slide under the seat for proper leverage. This allows the StandUp Walker to be positioned for the preferred "nose over toes" position. Extreme caution should be used when using the StandUp Walker with a rocking chair.

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