StandUp Walker - Breezy Blue

Shipping is $35.00 to the lower 48 states of the USA and $75 to Hawaii and Alaska.

The 18" width model is better suited for:
- smaller/slighter stature and
- users with a straight gait
- better in smaller spaces

The 22" width model is better for:
- larger stature (wider across hips & thighs)
- wheelchair users
-users with a circular gait

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  • Increased MobilityIncreased Mobility
  • LightweightLightweight
  • SturdySturdy
  • Stand Assist + WalkerStand Assist + Walker
  • Made In USAMade In USA

To engage for use, lift up on each of the two levers in the middle of the device simultaneously to release the security pins. The StandUp Walker will then drop to the lower ergonomic position.

Pull the walker as close as possible so that the skis are positioned under the seat. There are three different hand positions: pistol, medium and the recommended ball-joint grips.

With nose over toes, the user rises to a standing position and their weight can be placed entirely on the StandUp Walker.

Once standing, lift the StandUp Walker using the ball-joint grips attached to the handles. The hinges will automatically secure when lifted into the standing position. Listen for the audible click sound before engaging the StandUp Walker for mobility.