“I used the StandUp Walker after having ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery. It is so simple to use and made standing up so much more easy and comfortable. It is also much easier to ambulate with than a standard walker. Love it!!” Laura H., RN - Charlotte, NC

 “I recently broke my foot in several places and was initially placed in a temporary cast with instructions to avoid placing any weight on my foot. The StandUp Walker proved to be a life-saver as this product allowed me to get up from the couch, kitchen chair, bed, and toilet without assistance. I don't know how I would have made it through this time period without the StandUp Walker. I highly recommend the product to anyone facing post-surgical issues related to hips, knees, legs or feet.” Gary K. - Charlotte, NC



The StandUp Walker made my post-operative time much easier.  From the moment I got home from the hospital after my hip replacement surgery, I was able to get up from my recliner, bed, and toilet to move around the house without having to ask anyone for assistance.  Susan K. - Plantation, FL


The Stand Up Walker has been a life-changer for me after experiencing a patella fracture that left me basically immobile.  The traditional walkers offered to me were clumsy, difficult to maneuver and made sitting to standing virtually an impossible task.  The Stand Up Walker glides smoothly, allows me to easily rise from a sitting position and has the added bonus of being a sleek attractive design.  Kudos and appreciation for this great product.  Roni L. - Fort Lauderdale, FL



“This is a winner…honestly the StandUp Walker has so many applications, just a really good idea” Alan E. – La Crosse, WI


“The StandUp Walker is a lifesaver…” Bobbie F. – Cleveland, OH

“After my knee surgery…for 3 months getting up was a pain...I really could have used the StandUp Walker…I like it” Dave H. – Matthews, NC


“I think this product is just great!” Elaine H. – Monroe, NC


“With the StandUp Walker…I don’t need any help getting up…and that’s a big big deal to me.” Emilio E. – Rock Hill, SC


“The StandUp Walker provided the perfect solution for my grandmother after her knee surgery.” Adelyn F. – Denver, CO


“This is a really revolutionary product. A great innovation in the world of mobility, the StandUp Walker is extremely user friendly.” Ronald T. - Jacksonville, FL