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  • Increase Mobility


    StandUp Walker's stand-assist function helps users rise from a seated position without the need for additional assistance.

  • Light Weight

    LIGHT WEIGHT & Sturdy

    StandUp Walker weighs 10.5 lbs and can support up to 400 lbs.

  • Stand Assit & Medical Walker

    Stand Assist + Walker

    The patented hinge mechanism makes it easy to change from a stand-assist device to a traditional walker.

  • MadeInUSA

    Made In The USA

    We are proud to make the StandUp Walker in the USA!

"This is a winner...honestly the StandUp Walker has so many applications, just a really good idea"
Alan E. - La Crosse, WI
"With the StandUp Walker…I don’t need any help getting up…and that’s a big big deal to me"
Emilio E. – Rock Hill, SC
"The StandUp Walker provided the perfect solution for my grandmother after her knee surgery"
Adelyn F. – Denver, CO
“I used the StandUp Walker after having ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery. It is so simple to use and made standing up so much more easy and comfortable. It is also much easier to ambulate with than a standard walker. Love it!!”
Laura H., RN - Charlotte, NC
“After my knee surgery…for 3 months getting up was a pain...I really could have used the StandUp Walker…I like it”
Dave H. – Matthews, NC
“I think this product is just great!”
Elaine H. – Monroe, NC
"This is a really revolutionary product. A great innovation in the world of mobility, the StandUp Walker is extremely user friendly."
Ronald T. - Jacksonville, FL